My digital work in this posthumous collaboration with my father’s analogue work reflects my relationship to him by constructing imaginary worlds. I traveled a bit with him and inherited his 35 mm slide archive when he passed. He was a darkroom techniques guy whereas I am a point and shoot girl. I loved traveling with him and was happy to take the boxes of his work. Scanning reveals a not so technical person as much is out of focus. This delights me and becomes a meld of painterly approach with collage in Photoshop to create Travelogue. I think Dad would be pleased by this as he referred to my work as taking something and transforming it into another thing. Unsettling points of view become visible by using architecture or landscape in a destabilizing way. Reinterpreting a real world as a dreamscape fits my interest in an alternate reality, similar but different which allows uncertainty and experimentation with elements of design.