iPhone Home began as a series of meditations on spirituality and family. The yearning expressed by the alien character in “ET the Extra-Terrestrial” to call home and the attempts to fold the alien into their family by the children in the movie inspired me to make digital collages of church outdoor message boards found online with my images of the passenger side mirror of my car.

I made the cell phone photos first while traveling with my husband because I was bored in the car. Later when I looked at the images the shape of the side mirror reminded me of the shape of ET’s head. I digitally layered images found on the Internet of church outdoor message boards into the space usually taken by the mirror. The mirror message becomes a reflection of questions and statements. My concept in using the text messages is that I find them both humorous and poignant, much like the character of ET. This work expresses a longing for community by return to “home”, wherever or whatever that may be. The title of the series is a play on the words “phone home,” one of the few phrases spoken by ET throughout the film.

The images must stay small or else the extremely low resolution of the web captures will become illegible. Intimacy is invited by the size of the work. This collection of meditations is a reverie of my experience of the movie “ET the Extra-Terrestrial” filtered through my experience of community. I built the work by concept then process to provide clarity and identify hidden meaning between several ideas. Humor can be a door into understanding pain.