True Horizon 
My continuing obsession with horizon and all massive bodies of water continues in these paintings on paper made with cyanotype chemistry and tea. The water always matters when images are processed so I am drawn to only creating this series of cyanotype at a particular place and time. Unobstructed sunlight is also critical to my process. True Horizon is a term which refers to the fact that when you are at sea, the horizon you see is truly the edge of the earth because you are on water. Your understanding of the horizon is dependent on how high above sea level you are. Greater height allows you to see further when actually viewing physical horizon.
Endless space, time and vison are my concept of true horizon and today all are a precious resource. Striations of mostly blue color are revealed by partial processing while water washes gently over the paper. Time and space are apparent by what is rinsed away or remains exposed above water. The horizon becomes above or below whether verso or recto is viewed. Both are there on one sheet of paper dipped in chemistry and tea before exposure and processing to saturate the object. Ships bring tea and sink in the ocean. Sunlight warms us all. When you are on land the true horizon appears but is dependent on your location above sea level and local typography.