PULSE is a series of meditations on gun violence made during the five weeks of my Summer Residency in Painting and Mixed Media at the School of Visual Arts in NYC.  During the last week of my summer residency it became very clear how to talk about this work. Answers to questions from critique in the program from myself, Faculty and lecturers all helped in understanding how to express in words this new statement:
            My work is pure abstraction, in which space and internal emotional states are explored through painting, drawing and printmaking. I make collections of meditations on current events, literature, music lyrics or popular culture that portray a reverie of an occurrence. I build my work through simple engagement of process, to provide clarity or identify hidden meaning between two or more ideas. Taking liberties with reality, I combine processes of the studio with processes of the mind to express metaphors of ephemeral concepts.
So how did I get to this point? I’ve been pretty obsessed with the increasing incidents of random shooting in public space for some time. The title PULSE is taken two ways: a dance club in Orlando where people died and a physical pulse that stops upon death. My work is conceptual and process driven. Concept comes first, then planning tools, materials and dimensions to express idea; process is making the pieces in series. The gesture of twisting my tool to make the center creates a mark similar to the hole a bullet leaves. There are many people damaged by being in a situation when injuries and death occur. Layers of color identify individuals who have all been changed by gun violence in myriad ways.