Paintings in this series explore layers with pigmented beeswax and paper collage. Layers of medium using tints of color to build up the final hue allow glimpses of process. Edges and shadows below show through pools of transparency created by the color saturated layers above. The series expands exponentially with members that are as interesting as individuals as they are in groups.
This work speaks to isolation as well as engulfment and is inspired by vintage hatch covers found on wood ships such as the brigantine Albatross, which was in a film White Squall directed by Ridley Scott in 1996. A white squall is a violent windstorm at sea which manifests as a sudden increase in wind velocity, similar to a microburst. The film featured a scene in which the Skipper swims down to a hatch cover and sees his wife trapped below as the ship goes down. She was below deck when the white squall hits, falls and is unconscious as the ship founders in the waves. He sees her wake up as she looks up through the hatch, but he cannot open the hatch. Most of the crew live by abandoning the vessel, but the Skipper’s wife is drowned