Paintings in this series explore layers by using pigmented beeswax and paper collage. Layers of medium using tints of color build up the final hue allow glimpses of process. Edges and shadows below show through pools of tinted transparency created by the color saturated top layer. Just below the surface that layer also creates a tactile contrast to the smooth layers below. By limiting my palette I find fascinating threads to follow on the color wheel exploring light, saturation and hue. The series expands exponentially with members that are as interesting as individuals as they are in groups. 

This work speaks to isolation as well as engulfment and is inspired by vintage hatch covers or gratings found on ships such as the HMS Bounty, a replica of which was constructed for the 1962 film Mutiny on the Bounty starring Marlon Brando. The ship used for that movie was lost at sea October 29, 2012 with two crewmembers reported as missing after Bounty crew-members abandoned ship during Hurricane Sandy.